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The National Recycling Foundation of institutions with long experience and advanced in the recycling of plastic products (recycling) and product security seals In addition to the import and export of all plastic products and that made us the most important leading institutions in the market the Arabian Gulf in general and the Saudi market in particular, have gained such importance through Atbana to approach the credibility and accuracy and quality in the selection of companies and products to our customers, which has earned us their trust, as our building an ongoing relationship with customers through constant communication with them and provide all the services they need. as we represent the major British and Italian companies in the Gulf region and the Arab world, and these companies British loadhog And Italian security Almapalst company


A leading company specializing in the import and export of plastic pallets .
When you chose Tadweer, you chose to be listened to, to get quick answers and to be offered quality service. Our strengths are :
- a specialist team member for each product line
- the best advice and solutions based on your requests
- free samples on request, for plain products and except tools
- decrease of prices regarding quantities
- we welcome the opportunity to meet or better your current offer.
- customer orders are delivered in Time.
- personalised conditionnings and packagings on request